$ 183,509
UV + NL + OFB + PETS Required

Plants and Garden Rock by 4ESF
Plants by Kate at Parsimonious
Cypress by Franky at MTS2
White Fence by holy Simoly
Exterior Walls by Christine at Christine's Creation
Exterior tile by Nengi65 at MTS2
indoor wall by The Sorceress at Thesorceress Wall and floor coverings Yahoo Group
and at Parsimonious
Kitchen tiles by frillen at MTS2 . Link to Thread

Not Included;
Antique painting and bowl,vase by 4ESF
Tea pot with tray and vase by Dincer Hepguler at Dincer Hepguler's Sims Site.

Thanks for wonderful creations!!


D o w n l o a d   1.6 MB <RAR>

Rear View



1st Floor Plan


Vase by 4ESF

Sitting Area

Dining Area and Sitting Area

Tea pot with tray by Dincer Hepguler

Kitchen Area

tile by frillen

Free Room

Bath Room

Vase by Dincer He
Bowl by 4ESF

2nd Floor Plan

2nd Floor Stair Hall

Teens Bed Room

Wall Paper by The Sorceress

Master Bed Room

Wall Paper by The Sorceress at parsimonious.

Painting by 4ESF

Bath Room

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